University Residence in Salamanca

Accommodation for students in Salamanca

Habitaciones de la Residencia Universitaria

Our student residence has 47 bedrooms, 38 single rooms and 9 double rooms, with or without private bathroom. All our rooms are spacious and 80% of them include a balcony or street facing windows.

A part from this fact for every 2 bedrooms which do not have private bathroom there are also a shared bathrooms with showers which are cleaned twice daily or upon request.

Bedrooms are furnished with:

You will receive a key to the residence's main entrance, allowing you to come and go as you please. Visitors to your room are permitted until 11.00 P.M. in order to ensure sufficient time for studying and sleeping. Night time safety is always ensured by a residence security guard as well as 24 hour surveillance cameras on each floor.